Si Homfray

Si Homfray has ‘a lot’ of years of professional experience in graphic design, pr and marketing services.

His major skills include graphic design, communication practices, brand development and development, exhibition design and the production and promotion of marketing material.

He is currently the direction behind Hammer Design, working with the web, print, exhibitions and a variety of clients, across a range of disciplines.

He has a long standing reputation for excellence, with the common thread being a passion for the design process, the outdoors and our natural heritage.

His clients have included: The National Trust, National Parks, Local authorities, NGOs and private businesses whose primary concern is the promotion, conservation and sustainability of the natural world.

Specialities include:

• Graphic design for print
• Visual communication
• Heritage and interpretation design
• Exhibition design and image reproduction
• Digital design and the user experience
• Marketing planning and development
• Brand development and management
• Corporate design and print

There is a large body of portfolio material available.

Please just ask or call Si Homfray on 07515 903173.