A new exhibition – The world’s first long distance railway

High Peak Junction, Cromford, Derbyshire is part of the world heritage site at Cromford Mills.

Hammer Design teamed up with Rachel Costigan of Derwentwise, Catherine Croney – Heritage Interpretation Consultant, Rick Jillings and Mark Brailsford of Derbyshire County Council to deliver the brake vans interpretation project at High Peak Junction. We are proud to say that the site is now open for visitors.

Hammer Design services delivered:

  • Panel concepts
  • HPJ brand development
  • User visual flow
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Print
  • Installation
  • Photography
Title image to High Peak Junction Brake Vans.
Illustration and map work to the region showing the higher ground the railway needed to traverse.
Orientation map illustration where you are and the context of the site.
A panel to illustrate the various jobs that were undertaken on the railway through the ages from 1830.
A second exhibition panel sited opposite the jobs panel above. Top Trump cards (foreground) were created for play which further detail and measure the levels of danger and working conditions of each job.
Model making panel to illustrate how the trucks needed to be carefully hooked onto the working cable either side on the upside and balanced with the downside.
A2 lectern interpretation panel halfway up the Cromford incline.
Friends of Cromford Canal, operating at the foot of the Cromford incline at the High Peak Junction site.

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